SDN: Repurposing the Network

Software Defined Networking (SDN) provides a flexible, yet robust approach to network management. By separating the control and data forwarding planes, SDN moves the control and management functions to a single software-based controller. This enables the user to directly and dynamically program a network’s attributes.

SDN helps alleviate the increased complexity in managing an ever expanding network by allowing the netwok administrator to configure and optimize resources by writing their own programs independent of proprietary software and hardware. The result is a cost-effective and scalable network infrastructure.

OpenFlow: Automating the Network

OpenFlow is an open API that allows for control software to manage the flow tables of the data plane switches. Unmatched flows are passed to the controller for processing. Through an OpenFlow controller, internal switch flow tables are optimized based on controller defined rules like changing network conditions, associated content, or services.

The network can dynamically adjust rather than require high levels of monitoring and then reprogramming an otherwise statically configured network.

The iwNetworks OpenFlow series of switches are ready to put network traffic control into the hands of the user or application.

Empowering Education

Network activity has never been more of a challenge in school and campus networks. The prevalence of various connected devices demanding a constant connection brings an unprecedented burden of aggregating all devices across a network.

iwNetworks helps build a better campus network based on the foundation of reliable enterprise-grade hardware, allowing BYOD headaches be managed autonomously rather than requiring constant monitoring.

iwNetworks is a key partner to top universities, colleges, and research institutions around the world, who are using our enterprise-grade SDN switches to run their network infrastructures. OpenFlow makes load balancing, flow control and virtual networking in growing data centers and campus LANs simple and more efficient, bringing the additional benefit of energy cost savings.