Big Switch Networks


Big Switch Networks is the leader in open source Software-Defined Networking (SDN) products, delivering unmatched network agility, choice in networking hardware, and optimized network operations. The company’s Open SDN™ platform offers an OpenFlow switch fabric that can run on bare metal switches and hypervisor virtual switches to enable a wide variety of SDN network applications including data center network virtualization and network monitoring.  Visit bigswitch for more information!



Founded by veteran networking engineers from Cisco and VMware, Cumulus Networks has developed the first true, full-featured Linux operating system for networking hardware. Just as Linux transformed the economics and accelerated the pace of innovation on the server side of the data center, Cumulus Linux is doing the same for the network side. We are radically reducing the cost and complexity of operating modern data center networks and enabling the true promise of the software defined data center. Visit cumulus networks for more information!


Gemini CNS


GO Cloud is an application driven all-in-one cloud turnkey solution developed through Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Based on OpenStack, it is a highly integrated, complete, scalable and powerful virtualization data center platform. GO Cloud includes the full range of IaaS and PaaS features transforming commodity servers and network fabrics into a dynamic cloud computing infrastructure.




Edge-Core Networks Corporation is a professional networking solution provider offering a complete range of enterprise-level, service provider/carrier Ethernet, LAN/connectivity, and home security networking equipment and services to partners around the world. Products range from SOHO, SMB, and MSO, to data centers, service providers, and medium-to-large enterprises. Visit edge-core for more information!


Quanta Cloud Technology

Quanta Cloud Technology is a subsidiary of Quanta Computer, Inc., a Fortune Global 500 company based in Taiwan. QCT provides advanced hardware systems to cloud datacenters worldwide. Product lines include network servers, network storage, network switches, and integrated rack systems. Visit quantaqct for more information!




Centec Networks provides innovative switching silicon and whitebox solutions that improve SDN deployment. Centec is committed to empower SDN for carrier, enterprise and data center networks. Leveraging a high-performance open SDN architecture, Centec enables seamless migration from traditional L2, L3 and MPLS/ MPLS-TP architecture to the new SDN era while solving SDN’s biggest challenges. Centec and our customers are redefining the future of network switching. Visit centecnetworks for more information!